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is an Analysis, Filter and Conditioning software that handles data that comes mostly from PCRemote series softwares. Based on its modularity, it can reads different data formats.
The base version has all the necessary functions to interact with that data. The advanced modules from AdvAnalyze can be added when it is necessary to add powerful functions.

- selectable language
- from one to four channel/trace, selectable (see also AdvAnalyze)
- video and printer graphic/information setting (title, channels legend, fonts, colors, etc.)
- non limited amount on graphically represented data
- automatic Channels range*
- automatic visualization/acquisition range* or non limited user configurable
- mouse/keyboard easy zoom, pan and scale on X axe, Y axe (single or all channels)
- Limits Over/Under statistic calculation and graph visualization
- One settable period used for analysis and print
- HeaderInfo function graph interactive: channels tabular data, events date and time, enable/disable channels graph visualization
- Graphic printing (partial or total)
- Tabular data printing (partial or total)
- Statistic printer on Limit Over/Under
- indipendent and dimensionable graph window
- can handle more than one monitor
- easly updateable with AdvAnalyze modules

* this information comes from PCRemote or from a user input