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Gianni Pucillo - after deep experencies working with important field's Companies, acquiring know-how as mode and mentality - opens the "Gianni Pucillo" in 1995, a small company specialized for projects on demand.

From the problem solving point of view, with which always working with, all the acquainted experiencies is now available to the Customer along with the software library - developed in years and in many different fields - in the low and high level: starting from the most simple functions, up to the complex scientific formulas; interfacing chips, DSP and standard microprocessors and/or proprietary technology.
Referencies are the completed projects with all the Customers - small and big - which, in the years, keeps a relationship with "Gianni Pucillo".

Developing software within specific tie (functionality, software and/or hardware) means know how to find and suggest real solution. This is possible only with a good based hardware know-how, indipendently from machine computing power and/or Operating System. Means lie in reference to Customers technical demand. Means offer real, not only formal, service spirit.