Since 1995...
... we develop electronic equipment interface software projected for Datalogging - Datacommunication - Data Acquisition - Telemetry, and for other general electronic equipment microprocessor based. A vertical example of this softwares is discussed in the Cathodic Protection link.
This products are available expecially for electronic equipment OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), that wants to have an affordable and deep tested software interface:

Different functionalities:
PCRemote is the base concept from which all other particularities are born
is the base version that includes the minimum interface capacity to the equipments functions
PCRemoteARH is the version that is equiped with Alarm Handling received from the electronic equipment
PCRemoteHND is a version that can handle different types of electronic equipment, and the user can choose the right model simply accessing a menu function
PCRemoteGSM is a particular version adapted on the microprocessor present in some of the GSM(please see other detail in the demo page, through manual and documentation)

At the same time...
We developed a set of softwares to Analyze, Filter and Conditioning, by which all the collected data can be treated with different and powerful algorithm:
PCAnalyzeN is the base version of the software and the user has the minimum necessary function
AdvAnalyze is a set of software modules that adds powerful operation to PCAnalyzeN (please see other detail in the download page, through manual and documentation).

At the end VisProject can dial with the whole set of softwares:
* you can virtually visualize, with a 3D model, the behaviour that comes out from the acquired data
* you can transform VisProject in an electronic equipment to which PCRemote can be interfaced
* you can transform VisProject in a data collector that writes directly in PCAnalyze file format